Welcome to All Things Pi

Here I will be posting how-to guides/tutorials on getting software working on the Raspberry Pi.

My distro of choice is the hard float port of Debian - Raspbian. Credit goes to the Raspbian team for their great work.

The official Raspbian "wheezy" image is available for download here.

Unzip it and write it to your SD using the UNIX tool dd. Windows users can use Win32DiskImager. It is this image that I have used as a base for the how-to guides/tutorials on this site.

If you simply wish to get the software up and running then download one of the following ready made images:

Preparing the OS after the first boot

Login/Password for the official Raspbian image is pi/raspberry. Use the following commands to prepare your OS after booting:

sudo raspi-config

Select the 'update' option and then restart raspi-config:

sudo raspi-config

Select/configure each of the following options in order:

  1. set_timezone
  2. configure_keyboard
  3. set_locale (Choose a UTF8 locale)
  4. expand_rootfs
  5. change_pass

Select 'finish' and reboot if offered the option, then immediately update the OS as per below.

Keeping things up to date

To update the installation on your Pi from time to time, use the following command:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
Last updated: 23/07/12